Camp DPI with TAMUCC Graphic Design

As business owners, it can be challenging to find colleagues and employees who care deeply about the initial impression of their work, presentations, overall user experience, or interaction. A core tenet my father instilled in me is the importance of first impression and presentation. This tenet avails itself in the critical ability to showcase hard work and creativity. What you design, sell, present, and display, or even how you carry yourself, must come with intentionality and respect for the audience. Attention to detail is essential. I am not saying everything can or will be perfect; however, it should be your best effort. If you do not treat your work and presentations with care or sincerity, then neither will your audience.

As a result, the Frazier Family Foundation wants to build and empower young innovators and creators through grants, scholarships, and partner programs.  

In the fall of ’21, Nancy Miller and Alexandria Canchola, Art Professors at Texas A&M-Corpus Christi, came to us with their vision of Camp DPI (Design Preparation & Inspiration):

Graphic design is visual communication that combines images, words, and ideas to convey information to an audience, mainly to produce a specific effect. In other words, graphic design is visual problem-solving; it's a way of conveying ideas through design to achieve a goal. Our goal is to develop the next generation of visual communication professionals by providing them with the discovery of the Graphic Design field of study.
This camp strongly encourages talented and highly motivated Black, Hispanic, Native American, and first-generation students from Texas—including those who have overcome social or economic hardship—to apply. In this welcoming and inclusive camp program, up to 16 campers will undergo hands-on, creative workshops and learning opportunities under the direction of current Graphic Design Professors. Camp DPI aims to enhance diversity in Graphic Design by providing mentorship and access to design for students who have never had the opportunity. Camp participants will fill out two surveys about their experience during camp and one survey regarding their post-graduation educational choices after camp.

Naturally, with great care as inventors, marketers, and product developers, we loved this program, its vision, and its reach. We are thrilled to partner with energetic, intelligent, and creative professionals who want to share their acumen, creativity, and love. We know that partnering with Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi and the Art and Design program on Camp DPI, will result in an immediate, meaningful, and measurable impact.

The high school juniors from around Texas spent two weeks on a college campus. During this time, they were introduced to new friends, professors, professionals, and (most importantly) the discipline of Graphic Design. Some of these juniors were away from home for the first time—away from their norms and habits, sharing dorms with strange, new (yet friendly) faces. Meeting, engaging, and working elbow-to-elbow and face-to-face with future friends and companions is where the best kind of work takes place. Working alongside your peers is where we believe trust is earned, and skills are ingrained.

As the camp wrapped, the campers were required to get up in front of their new peers, professors, and parents to present their portfolios. It was a tremendous honor to be in the audience. We did not have the chance to meet the juniors at the beginning of the camp; nonetheless, it was rewarding to meet them and hear their stories. With all the bravery they could gather, one-by-one, they presented their work and shared a bit about their camp experience. There was a range of emotions and experiences shared from frustrations to triumphs. They created in total 3 projects: a self-portrait, a zine, and a sticker.

Camp DPI has proven to be a meaningful program from all perspectives. The campers learned a lot about themselves, their peers, their newly introduced discipline, and the profession. Sitting in the audience absorbing the presentations, we were overwhelmed by their humility and—more importantly—their drive to learn and excel. We were reminded that this is exactly what inspires us to give back and continue to empower young innovators and creators.

Nancy and Alexandria, thank you for the opportunity to support your vision.


-Derrick Frazier, Treasurer and Secretary

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